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2011 CQ World Wide WPX Contest – SSB Weekend

Posted by Jack on 27th March 2011


Call: K6JEB
Operator(s): K6JEB
Station: K6JEB

Class: SO(A)AB HP (Single Operator (Assisted) All-Band High Power)
QTH: California
Operating Time (hrs): 16:27

Band QSOs
160: 2
80: 35
40: 73
20: 43
15: 101
10: 22
Total: 276 Prefixes = 196 Total Score = 130,732

Club: Northern California Contest Club

Here’s a short video clip of the contest.  Pardon the poor resolution but the audio is fairly clear:


Finally a contest where 160-10 were quite usable at some part of the day!  Although I didn’t take part in this contest full-time, I still had fun doing Search and Pounce.  My only goal was to get at least 100 QSOs.

My equipment for this contest:

rig: Yaesu FT-857D
amplifier: Dentron GLA-1000
antennas: Cushcraft A3S, Butternut HF9V, Inverted L for 160m

Conditions were better on Saturday than Sunday, at least for me.  I did try calling CQ on one frequency for a while and that simply didn’t produce any QSOs.

This contest is fun since there are so many multipliers.  It occurred to me that new hams can benefit from their call sign prefixes as well.  Now I’m looking forward to the CW weekend.  Hopefully I can clear the schedule to dedicate the weekend to it.


Jack, K6JEB


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