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20121229 EBARC Tour of KPH/KSM

Posted by Jack on 29th December 2012

Today myself and four other members of the East Bay Amateur Radio Club were privileged to get to tour the KPH/KSM facilities in both Bolinas (the transmit site) and the receive site in Point Reyes. Steve and Richard were TERRIFIC guides. Each time I visit I feel I get a little closer to understanding how much it took, and still takes to (re)build and maintain these facilities; the dedication and commitment are immeasurable.

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ARRL 10M Contest – K6JEB Multi/Singlr Low Power

Posted by Jack on 9th December 2012

ARRL 10-Meter Contest

Call: K6JEB
Operator(s): K6JEB
Station: K6JEB

Class: M/S LP
QTH: California
Operating Time (hrs): 1:35
Radios: SO2R

Mode QSOs Mults
CW: 17 10
SSB: 2 2
Total: 19 12 Total Score = 864

Club: Northern California Contest Club


Not great conditions. Just checked-in to see what conditions the conditions were in.

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Antenna Launch at KY6R

Posted by Jack on 9th December 2012

Rich, KY6R, wanted to hang a doublet for 40m up as high as he could get it. So he asked me to bring my pneumatic antenna launcher over to hang the wires.

For more information on the pneumatic antenna launchers by Alan and Chris:

Peter, W6DEI, was behind the camera and did an awesome job (it was the first time he ever used a GoPro). The camera was a modified (4mm lense) GoPro Hero2 purchased from Rage Cams.

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