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Posted by Jack on 8th February 2012

Wow, I am so impressed with the SDR-Radio application ( ).  When I last had a chance to mess around with my Software Defined Radios (a FunCube Dongle and the RX Ensemble) the software that was available didn’t work very well.  So yesterday, when I downloaded and installed SDR-Radio, I just about fell out of my chair.  SDR software had basically gone from that scene in Space Odyssey 2001 where the early primate is throwing a bone, to that very next scene where we are now in space . . . THAT was the quantum leap I experienced when I started this program.

SDR-radio screenshot

A view of the SDR-Radio Console (click to see full image)

Not only can you use SDR-Radio to tun into your own radios, you can tap into others on the network who are sharing their equipment with the public (and bravo to all who do).  This is a full-featured package and I hope to have more to add as I explore this fine piece of software.

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